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                    PAACE Automechanika Mexico 2015
                    Time: 2015-06-30 13:14:38
                    We will attend automechanika held in Mexico.

                    Our Booth No.: 2724
                    Time: July 15-17, 2015
                    Add.: Centro Banamex, Mexico City

                    From powertrain to vehicle accessories, bodywork repair and painting, engine electronics and beyond, Automechanika Shanghai will feature the latest trends across a wide range of product categories. Coupled with a variety of on-trend fringe programmes, you will have a quick overview of what the industry offers!

                    What you'll find at our booth:

                    - Mercedes Benz G60 & G85 spare parts
                    - ZF 16S151/181/221 spare parts
                    - ZF 16S1650/1600 spare parts
                    - ZF 5S-150GP, 5S-111GP spare parts
                    - Qijiang gearbox parts, including QJ805, QJ1205, S6-90, S6-150, S6-100, S6-120 etc

                    It would be much great to see you at our booth!

                    Contact me for more information!
                    Email: cqshield2012@cqshield.com
                    Skype: cqshield2012
                    Whatapp: 18723828567
                    Wechat: happydan033

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